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Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House

One of the distinct images of the Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House is its warm and cosmopolitan appearance. Inside the clubhouse room, the slanted vaulted ceiling lined with satin-finish wood planks painted in beige contrasts beautifully with the brown wall of the large glass window panes and the soft yellow lighted wall of the room embedded with a fine décors.

A series of emerald pendant lamps guard the brick wall as a continuum of the brown-painted wood encased glass windows. A maple round table surrounded by four sleek pastel orange sofa chairs near the corner of the glass windows also contrasts beautifully with the faux wood floor, the white door near side by side with a main sofa set.

The smartly designed Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House creates the ambiance of togetherness as it is just of the right area or space and intended to create a cozy, warm atmosphere. 

Take a seat at the corner sofa set and just watch any program at the large flat screen high definition television at the TV lounge. You can order coffee or drinks from the bar. The Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House has a warm ambiance.

There’s a bar table where you can order for coffee, juice, light drinks and wine. Just sit on the bar chairs and chat with everyone around, or simply listen to the piped in music. An active lifestyle is expressed through the Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House.

Wi-Fi is available at the Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House, and you can just relax in one of the corner tables with your laptop, tablet or smart phone and start surfing the web, watch your favorite news or feature program, or chat with family, friends or associates.

From the inside you get an expansive view of the quiet road and trees on the north side, and a panoramic view of the apartments, panning from the south to the east to the north through the wide glass doors and windows. The light brown furry carpet of the bedroom floor enhances comfort and matches with the beige-painted vaulted ceiling and the large sliding glass door. 

The trees at the College Park, stone’s throw away from the Pad on Exciting Harvard Club House add beauty and natural air to the surrounding scenery and the clubhouse’s façade. 

The clubhouse can also be a jump-off point to experience other community amenities, or to explore the environment outside.You can visit site :